The mission of the ILMB podcast To help Mortgage Brokers become business owners.
Our commitment is to share the insights and best practices of the top Mortgage Professionals in the industry.
Why I started ILMB
Seeing small successes led me to chase after bigger and better successes in my own business.

This started as a personal journey for me. I have been a full time mortgage broker since 2006, and in that time I have operated a very inconsistent mortgage business. My volume has fluctuated between $20M to $40M per year. However, I have to confess my highest volume years were also some of my lowest net profit years. In 2012 I decided I needed to rework my business model and I did.

I would go to a conference or event and find that a conversation with a top broker in the lobby was more valuable than most of the speakers.
I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could record these conversations, for my own learning and to share with other.

That is how the ILMB podcast was created. It started out simply as Brokers helping other Brokers and has since expanded into a network of shows and content, all with the single goal of helping the Mortgage Broker community. 

Just a few of the amazing Mortgage Pros we have had on the show:

ILMB Is Proud To Have Worked With The Following Organizations:

DLC Mortgages
Fairway Mortgage
Mortgage Architects
Mortgage Center