We Offer A Series Of Podcasts To Resource Your Business

The I Love Mortgage Brokering Podcast
It Takes A Community To Grow A Business

The podcast that started it all. Listen to inspiring stories from today’s most successful mortgage professionals.

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10 Loans a Month Podcast
Where mortgage Brokers become business owners.

This is a show where Ryan gives you tips and tricks on buliding your business.

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The Rookie Mortgage Broker Podcast
This is where we interview top rookies in the business to find out how they broke through in the industry and found success.

Want to fund your first 10 deals? Find out more about BRX Mortgage: www.rookietorockstar.ca


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I Love Alt Mortgages Podcast
Brought to you by Home Trust

Welcome to the ”I Love Alt Mortgages” podcast, where we discuss everything in the alternative mortgage space. Hosted by Brennan Trenouth, we will be joined by other experts in the alternative space including brokers, industry partners, and colleagues to expand your knowledge of alternative mortgages, and grow your mortgage business.

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The 12-Hour Broker Show
Ryan Wiley shares how to build a successful mortgage business working 12 hours a week.

"I’ve tried everything. I’ve failed. I’ve succeeded. I wanted to quit. But, day by day, brick by brick, I am here. I want to share my journey and hopefully help and inspire others. I will cover mindset, process, marketing, lead generation, the flow of a deal, sales, software/tools, building a team, etc."

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Loans on Demand Podcast
Luke Shankula "flips the status quo" on it's head, and puts Loan Officers in the drivers seat.

From Facebook Ads to the latest/greatest CRM, I’m sharing everything a modern Loan Officer needs to thrive in the 21st century.

I share everything I learn about Mortgage marketing - ad platforms, automated follow up, referral strategies, sales/conversion tips, team building strategies, and building the mindset of a champion so that you too can defy the odds and win.

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